2 min readDec 24, 2022


Grab your ugliest Christmas sweater, favorite cocktail, and MetaMask wallet; it is time to mint some more Avalanche Hills Muscle Cars.

For a limited time, starting today, you can enjoy that whitelist-minting feeling of 4 AVAX per NFT.

The XMINT Party runs for 96 hours, ends on 12/26/22, and the price of the Muscle Car goes back to 6 AVAX per mint.

Join us by minting one today: https://avalanchehills.mcverse.app/#/dealership

Additional Details

Anyone participating in the XMINT Party by minting a new Muscle Car will be eligible for 1 of 5 airdrops for every 300 mints.
Party ends 12/26/22.
The price of Muscle Car NFT goes back to 6 AVAX each.

Did You See That UI|UX?

I may be biased, but how many other WEB3 projects have a UI|UX on the same level as the MCVerse?

A massive shoutout to Little Shark for putting this UI together and the rest of the team that hides in the shadows, making things happen, and function has become their MO. They are genuinely magicians and masters of their craft.


Hang with us in Discord, tweet via Twitter, or interact with our WEB3 game by visiting our website.


DISCORD > join our community here https://discord.gg/heFHa9dGun
TWITTER > tweet with us here https://twitter.com/TheMCVerse
EMAIL > Bourbin@MCVerse.app
WEBSITE > www.mcvere.app | www.avalanchehills.com |


Mint a MUSCLE CAR > www.avalanchehills.com/presale
Muscle Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea| NFTKEY
Super Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea| NFTKEY




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