Whippin’ Wednesdays

3 min readJul 18, 2023


Join us Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, for the first edition of Whippin’ Wednesdays, a weekly MCVerse racing tournament.

These weekly tournaments will start every Wednesday and run for 48 hours. During the open window, players can choose to race with their favorite Muscle Car or Super Car, and if it is a multiple-entry tournament, feel free to race with both as often as you would like!

Need a Car to Race With?

For first-time racers, we invite you to try out MCVerse racing by downloading the newest build here. You can race as a guest by connecting your wallet and selecting Race as Guest.

The loaner reserved for guests is a base model and will provide players a general feel for the game, but do not expect to set any records. This car is running on fumes and does not contain any after-market mods.

For those who want to set records and place in the top 10, consider renting one for a few hours.

Rent One Here

MCVese has partnered up with Double.ONE is a rental protocol that allows owners with large garages and stacked Muscle Cars and Super Cars to offer these to new players hourly.

Mint ONE Here

You could instead grab a NEW car; Avaxhills Muscle Cars are available to MINT. Try your luck at a rare Golden Muscle car, or land one of the popular colors, AVAX Red.

This Weeks Prize and Payout

To kick off the first week of Whippin’ Wednesday, we decided to make anyone who crossed the finish line eligible to win one of this week's prizes.

So, for every race you start and finish, you will receive one entry into the prize pool drawing. Race 100 times, you will receive 100 entries, race five times, you guessed it, five entries.

Prize Pool

All prizes are randomly paid out at the end of the 48 hours via AIRDROP. Winners will see their names on the leaderboards for the special event, and you will need to check your wallet for the prize(s) you won.
Grantsville SuperCar
Avaxhills Muscel Car

Sponsor a Future Tournament

Does your organization love gaming, or maybe your community is looking for something fun to do? We would love to discuss sponsoring an upcoming MCVerse Whippin’ Wednesday race.

We can even use the race to distribute your project's upcoming airdrops. Let us help you gamify your next NFT and or Airdrop through gaming with the MCVerse.

To get started, fill out the form here


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Mint a MUSCLE CAR > https://avalanche.mcverse.app/#/dealership
Muscle Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea
Super Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea




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