Welcome to the MCVerse

2 min readNov 17, 2022


Our gaming hub for decentralized projects that are building cool things on the BLOCKCHAIN.

My name is Bourbin, along with MCONE and Little Shark, we co-founded the MCVerse which comprises two sub-projects; Grantsville and Avalanche Hills.


Welcome to our version of web3 gaming. While other projects aim to be the best FPF, MMO, Racing game, Open World, Free to Play or Play to Earn game, we have a slightly different approach, we want to be the best-layered gaming experience on the blockchain.

Looking at the current web3 gaming industry, we see a lot of segmentation throughout the blockchain gaming world. And this is specifically an area that web3 and smart contracts are supposed to be really good at eliminating.

So, that is what we have set out to do, build a game that captures a wide variety of players. Instead of focusing on one experience for the entire gaming community, we have built a layered approach to our project where anyone looking to participate can start at their comfort level and progress at a pace that is suitable for them.

How often have you started playing a game and within the first few days or weeks you lose interest because it ends up being the same thing over and over just slightly more difficult? Or, have you ever decided to play a new web3 game, only to find out that the participation cost is not exactly economical, or that other players who had gotten in on day zero have a massive advantage?

Players within our project will find relief in the fact that they can start anywhere at any time without being at a disadvantage, and float from one category of gaming into another. Some are simple, while others are complex that require time and skill and others are purely social and enjoyable.

Over the next few articles, we will break down exactly what these games are, how they can work independently from one another, and also provide value for those looking for a deeper gaming experience.

If this brief introduction to our project has intrigued you or you have questions for us, you can reach us a few ways.


DISCORD > join our community here https://discord.gg/heFHa9dGun
TWITTER > tweet with us here https://twitter.com/TheMCVerse
EMAIL > Bourbin@MCVerse.app
WEBSITE > www.mcvere.app | www.avalanchehills.com |


Mint a MUSCLE CAR > www.avalanchehills.com/presale
Buy one from NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea| NFTKEY





The age of Blockchain and Gamification is still in its infancy. Imagine an open world offering unimaginable opportunities in Multi-Chain WEB3 gaming.