Second Quarter Round-Up ‘23

5 min readJun 24, 2023


Another three months have flown by, and there has been so much development behind the scenes it has been hard to update consistently.

MCVerse Racing Beta

For starters, the MCVerse Racing open beta has seen several patches, including updated graphics, shading and lighting, new tracks, game modes, and our first-ever time trial tournament.


Earlier this month (June ’23), we redeployed the SPEEDSHOP after making massive upgrades to the toolboxes. For those not familiar with toolboxes, they are essentially LOOTBOXES filled with one Modification for your MCV race car. Once opened, you will find either bronze, silver, or gold upgrades that can be added to your vehicles to boost performance.

Previously, toolboxes were not tradeable nor transferable, and once opened, the mods were also confined to the same wallet that minted them. The community had asked several times to make these items NFTs so they could be traded or sold. So, after a complete contract overhaul, UI update, and redeployment, owners of any newly minted toolboxes are free to do just that.


Once you mint your toolbox, the only thing left to do, well, technically, you can sell them or trade them before opening, but most importantly, you can OPEN them. Once opened, the toolbox NFT is burned, and you receive a mod in your wallet that is placed under the MODS section. You can use the MODS one time, and once you apply it to a vehicle, it will stay there forever.


The first-ever MCVerse Racing Tournament just finished up, and the top 3 racers all had cars with several levels of mods. Taking advantage of the toolboxes and using the $MCV tokens you are earning to mint and then applying them to your vehicles will pay off.

The tournament ran for seven days, anyone could participate, and the racer with the fastest time by the end would be crowned the speed king or queen and awarded a very nice bag of cold hard digital cash.

Congratulations to the following members
1st place: @Flumix won $250 in $AVAX
2nd place: @turtleboy | MCFlurry won a Grantsville Supercar and a Toolbox
3rd place: @Megalodon#1 won four Toolboxes

This was just our first of many tournaments to come. UI/UX Overhaul

The UI/UX magician behind the scenes, Little Shark, has done it again. He went absolutely crazy on the update and consolidation of Avalanche Hills and Grantsville websites.

Everything received an overhaul, with more to come. One of our favorite updates and most helpful can be found in the garage. Previously it was next to impossible to find which vehicles you had already added mods to.


But in the most recent update, an entire column is dedicated to showing you which car has which mods and how many.

Thank you Little Shark — love the MCVerse community


We have repeatedly asked how we make it easier for everyone to try out MCVerse Racing.
1. Reduce the number of steps and time it takes to hop in and play
2. Provide free play options
3. Add MCVerse Racing to browser-based launchers, the Google Play store, and the Apple store.

As of today (June 23rd, 2023), we are in the final stages of deployment with Seddona and Hyperplay game launchers. This will be a tremendous step for the MCVerse in reducing some friction points and getting more exposure within the WEB3 gaming segments.



In addition to these two game launchers, Double Protocol will be our collections' first official rental marketplace. We need to finalize tests and ensure players can rent one of the MCVerse race cars and then use them to participate in races and upcoming tournaments.


The OG missions are getting a massive makeover with updated maps, UI, and, best of all, REWARDS.

The old missions you loved will return even better. In addition to the $MCV rewards, we will also include toolboxes, mods, loot boxes (filled with in-game items), item NFTs that can be used for additional metaverse development, and collector items such as skins and other braggadocios items.

3D SuperCar Swap

The MCVerse 3D SuperCar Super Center is almost open and will be ready for you and your fleet of vehicles soon. There is nothing that you have to do in the meantime except keep on racing!


$MCV can always use another utility, which is pretty cool. Coming to the DMV near you, custom license plates.

Create as many as you want, add them to your favorite Supercars or Muscle Cars, or collect them. Each license plate will always be different, so lock yours down before someone else does.


With the deployment of the game launchers and the rental protocol, we will officially enter into partnerships with each of those projects. Once we have been given the green light and everything is uploaded and working, we will roll out AMAs and co-marking efforts with these teams and protocols.

Having the game launchers will open up a lot more opportunities to showcase the project and what we have built by allowing easier access to the game.

We hope to have AVAX, and other gaming chains sponsor some of the upcoming tournaments and provide additional marketing opportunities for the MCVerse to new communities.

That is all for now


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