4 min readFeb 3, 2023

It has been a very accomplished year, regardless of the minor and significant setbacks. The MCVerse team has come a long way from where it started, and it just keeps getting better.

Below is a list of items currently in development. Hopefully, this is a helpful overview for newcomers and anyone who may have stepped away and needs a refresh.


Our team is simultaneously working on the following;
1. PFP Pixel Racer Mint for proof of concept using GVILLE
2. MCVerse Marketplace
3. Incentive Farms
4. Speedshop
5. Missions
6. 3D Supercars
7. Racing with Supercars & Muscle cars
8. MCVerse Profile
We aim to have most of these items out within the next two to four weeks in no particular order.

Pixel Racers PFP Mint

The MCVerse economy comprises more than just staking, upgrading, earning, and selling the tokens. We are 100% committed to bringing the largest and most open metaverse to AVAX. So, with this upcoming PFP mint, we want to show other projects how simple it is to create a collection, deploy it on our contract, and mint it in the MCVerse Marketplace, all while using MCVerse project tokens such as $AHILL and $GVILLE.

MCVerse Marketplace

For the size and scale of the metaverse we are building, having a designated MCVerse Marketplace makes the most sense. Anytime we can reduce the need to rely on a 3rd party dAPP and provide our users with a better experience, we will.

Everything done within the MCVerse will have a loop back into the Marketplace, becoming one of the busiest dAPPs within our projects hub.

Incentive Farms

Using your native tokens, users can earn tokens by providing liquidity. In addition to $AHILL and $GVILLE, the MCVerse will work with other projects to offer a variety of APY rewards.


One of the biggest updates we made this year is to the TOOLBOXES. Users will now mint TOOLBOXES as NFTs that will be tradeable and sellable once minted. Additionally, you will have to keep them closed before listing them on the MARKET Place.

The final bugs are being worked out of the SPEEDSHOP UI and will deploy soon.


Once these new missions deploy, players will be rewarded with various rewards. Previously the only rewards a player could earn from missions were either AHILL or GVILLE or a simple NFT from another project. We have completely overhauled the smart contracts and added layers of additional rewards and complexities.

3D Super Cars

This was a huge undertaking and required some creative reverse engineering so that we could rebuild the 2D models by running the metadata and pulling in the 3D variations. Soon you will be able to pull your 2D Super Car into the garage and convert it to the 3D version.

Racing Circuits and Drag Strip

This whole project started as an RNG / simulated racing game, and while we are still on track to deliver that, a whole new user focus version was built. With an emphasis on premium gaming, we have built a controllable racing game and integrated controller functions so that players can use their console remote of choice like XBOX and PlayStation.

The first two versions will be Drag Strip style and a partial city circuit. Both versions will allow players to use either Super Cars or Muscle Cars and race other players in real-time.


Within the Marketplace, we are working to deliver one of the best-looking UI|UX that any gaming platform has seen. This area will be an overall view of everything MCVerse up to date with data sets like:
earned, items, accomplishments, trophies, breakdown on NFT details like speed, earning, spend, toolboxes, win and losses, and everything in between.

You will also view your rewards from the OG Badge, name your cars, and view your other NFTS; it will be very comprehensive.

Final Details

Over the next few days, the GitBook will receive a major overhaul. This overhaul is to reflect a lot of the updates we have made to the project and to simplify the vision for new members or an easier way for owners who stepped away to catch up.

If you have any more questions about anything I failed to mention, please drop them here > HVILLE to GVILLE Q&A BRIDGE YOUR SUPERCARS AND OG BADGES PLEASE.

Make sure you have BRIDGED your Super Cars and OG Badges to AVAX, there is nothing left on HARMONY to use them with.


Hang with us in Discord, tweet via Twitter, or interact with our WEB3 game by visiting our website.


DISCORD > join our community here
TWITTER > tweet with us here


Muscle Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea| NFTKEY
Super Car NFT marketplace > JOEPEGS | OpenSea| NFTKEY




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