MCV Token Update

3 min readMar 17, 2023


This week the team has completed most of the AHILL & GVILLE to MCV token merger requirements.

The remaining details will take place over the next 24–36 hours, including all of the final steps needed to complete the merger.

What Can You Expect?

At some point over the next day, you will lose access to the BANKS, SWAPS, UPGRADES, and any other mechanisms that directly affect AHILL or GVILLE. Basically freezing the utility of both tokens until the MCV swap is complete.

Unlocked & Locked Tokens.

Unlocked tokens will be swapped manually by the holder on our SWAP page. The ratio will not change regardless of MCV token price fluctuations.
The SWAP will be found in the NEW UI that will also be rolled out with this update.

Locked tokens will be swapped on the back end and will require no additional steps from the users.

IMPORTANT: This is not 1:1 (AHILL: MCV or GVILLE: MCV) the ratio of the tokens will be established soon once we have consolidated the LP and deployed the MCV token.

Where to CLAIM?

The BANK has also received a new UI, and we consolidated the need to switch back and forth between cities to interact with your NFTS.

The NEW BANK is below and will be available along with the merger.

New Garage UI.

To keep the design consistent, there have also been UI and UX updates to the garage. Again, we wanted to improve some of the UX issues we saw while switching between the cities.

LOCKED Schedule for GVILLE.

The previous unlocking date for GVILLE was JUNE and unlocked 1% per day of your locked balance over 100 days.

After the merger, the new unlocking date will be October for Super Cars locked value. Our goal was to align both collections closer to each other in those terms.

In order to offset the change in the UNLOCKING schedule, we are going to increase the daily unlocked portion from 30% to 40% for SUPERCARS. This means Supercars will receive an additional 10% unlocked from your daily earning.


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