Custom Networks in MetaMask

4 min readNov 17, 2022

Now that you have your MetaMask wallet setup, you are almost ready to start sending and receiving tokens from all over the blockchain.

It is important to note that, each BLOCKCHAIN has its own network that needs to be added to your wallet before you can see the tokens you have received. Your wallet address can be used to receive a wide variety of EVM tokens from a wide range of blockchains, not all blockchains are compatible though, so, please double-check before sending or receiving to your new address.

MetaMask is an Ethereum-based wallet that will only work with EVM-compatible chains. Here is a comprehensive overview of EVM chains and what they are.

If you need to install MetaMask, please review our past article WEB3 Connected + MetaMask for instructions. This article will show users how to add a custom network to their already installed MetaMask wallet.

As mentioned above, your MetaMask wallet comes preinstalled with the Ethereum network, which means it is good for sending and receiving all tokens that have been deployed on Ethereum, this could be an NFT, ETH, or any other token that uses Ethereum for their main dAPP deployment.

What you can not do is receive or send tokens that are not deployed on Ethereum. For example, if you would like to mint an NFT that is launching on Avalanche such as Avalanche Hills Muscle Cars, you will need to have two things.
1. $AVAX tokens to purchase the NFT
2. AVAX network setup in your MetaMask wallet
Otherwise, when you go to connect your wallet to you will get rejected since this project was deployed on AVAX.


From your browser of choice (must have MetaMask installed) follow the visual guide.

If at any point you were sent tokens to your new wallet address and they were not on the Ethereum network, once you add the custom network to your MetaMask for the chain they belong to they will show up.

You can now connect to games, protocols, and other websites deployed on Avalanche Blockchain. Give it a try by following the link

Test Your Connection Here

  2. Switch to the appropriate network if not already connected
  3. Select Connect Wallet again if the network changed.

Now that you know how to add a custom network to your MetaMask wallet, go ahead and try others the same way. If you open the list and do not see the network or blockchain you would like to interact with as an option, chances are that it is not supported.

Hope that helped!

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