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2 min readDec 7, 2022

The MCVerse is excited to announce that our two primary tokens, AHILL for Avalanche Hills and GVILLE for Grantsville, have been listed on CoinGecko and can also be traded on TraderJoe.

It Is All In The Details.

To find the token information and details within CoinGecko, go to > top right corner, use the search bar > type AHILL or Avalanche Hills > Return.

You can also repeat the same steps for GVILLE or Grantsville token.

Adding the Tokens to Your MetaMask Wallet.

To see either GVILLE or AHILL tokens in your wallet, you will need to add custom tokens/assets.
To do this:
Select MetaMask > select ASSETS view > scroll top bottom of MetaMask > Import Tokens > paste the contract of the token you want to add to your wallet in the Token contract address field > the rest of the fields should auto-populate > add custom token > save.

GVILLE: 0x7c22E823b5eE641ed534CE3e368b59b5F0A3b7e0
AHILL: 0x223174d9F096d8b468B24f620A02f43b70792789

You can now click on ASSETS again and view your total AHILL and GVILLE holdings.

Trade | Buy | Sell

Now that you have your token contracts loaded into MetaMask, you can head over to > Trade > Select the dropdown from the main box > search AHILL using the contract above > select import if not already imported > calculate how much you want to swap > click on SWAP > confirm MetaMask transaction > wait for confirmation > you now have AHILL in your wallet.

Go To Charts

One of the best places to monitor either token is DexScreener.

Avalanche Hills | $AHILL

Grantsville | $GVILLE

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